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298cm x 375cm

316 pages, 153 colour images processed in Lith on Foma 133 MG Classic

and printed on Munken Pure 160gsm paper

handmade bound in Paris 2021 (ed I)

Demons are the only subject that seem to be worth anyone’s time. Demons and their disturbances in the world. Here I shall speak of mine.

This is a book about an invisible light, from which I was often able to recall a series of images - let’s call them worlds - where a multitude of voices could be heard. Voices too loud to be preserved in the mind and too volatile to be apprehended. Voices that can’t be simply silenced. Like demons, they belong to nowhere and tell of the unknown.

Imagine you never knew the colour of the sky, or never saw trees and light. Let these worlds pass through your eyes unconsciously.


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